Fucking Strong Diamond Hands

Unite, Hodle and Rise


At Fucking Strong Diamond Hands, we are dedicated to showing our appreciation for our loyal holders. That's why we have an exciting monthly giveaway program in place, exclusively for our community members. Let us explain:

Monthly Giveaway

Every month, we allocate a large portion of the sell tax funds to our giveaway program. These funds are reserved specifically for rewarding our dedicated holders.

Exclusive Rewards

Through our monthly giveaways, we offer a range of exclusive rewards to eligible holders. These rewards can include additional Fucking Strong Diamond Hands tokens, limited edition merchandise, special access to events, or other exciting perks. We believe in creating unique and memorable experiences for our community.

Inclusive Participation

To ensure fairness, all eligible holders with a minimum amount of $20 worth of FSDH tokens automatically participate in the monthly giveaway. 

Transparent Process

We believe in transparency in our giveaway program. Each month, we will announce the details, eligibility criteria, and the reward structure on our official channels. This ensures that all community members have equal access to information and an opportunity to participate.
Our monthly giveaways are a way for us to express our gratitude and give back to the Fucking Strong Diamond Hands community. It's our chance to recognize and reward the ongoing support and loyalty of our dedicated holders.