Fucking Strong Diamond Hands

Unite, Hodle and Rise


Introducing Fucking Strong Diamond Hands, where every transaction contributes to the growth and vibrancy of our community! With our unique sell tax mechanism, we ensure that Fucking Strong Diamond Hands remains strong, sustainable, and exciting for all investors.

Sell Tax of 25%

When you sell your Fucking Strong Diamond Hands tokens, a 25% sell tax is automatically applied. This mechanism helps us maintain a healthy ecosystem and discourages excessive short-term selling. We believe in the power of long-term commitment and fostering a strong community of dedicated holders.

20% for Buybacks

Out of the sell tax, 20% is allocated for buybacks. These buybacks play a crucial role in supporting the value and stability of Fucking Strong Diamond Hands. By using a portion of the funds to buy back tokens from the market, we create a positive impact on token liquidity and promote sustainable growth.

5% for Giveaways to Holders: 

The remaining 5% of the sell tax is added to the giveaway pot. We're passionate about creating engaging experiences and rewarding our community for their support. Through regular giveaways and promotions, we distribute these funds back to our loyal holders, spreading joy and excitement throughout the Fucking Strong Diamond Hands community. 

By implementing this sell tax mechanism, we ensure that Fucking Strong Diamond Hands remains a coin with strong fundamentals and community-driven initiatives. With a focus on buybacks and giveaways, we continuously invest in our community, fostering a sense of belonging and prosperity for all.